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Handmade face masks are available in both adult and children's sizes ($5 per mask). The order form is found below the photos. Once your order is complete, you will receive an email for payment and pick up instructions (normally 2-4 days).


Email Address*

Phone Number*

Child Size (Boy) Quantity - $5/each

Child Size (Girl) Quantity - $5/each

Teen Size (Boy) Quantity - $5/each

Teen Size (Girl) Quantity - $5/each

Adult Size (Male) Quantity - $5/each

Adult Size (Female) Quantity - $5/each

Doll Mask Quantity - $3/each

Elf on the Shelf Mask Quantity - $3/each

Message - pattern requests or additional messages

Child Size Boy Lanyard Quantity - $5/each

Child Size Girl Lanyard Quantity - $5/each

Adult Size Lanyard Quantity - $5/each

Pattern requests for lanyards

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